STATUS: Imon mouse events

Linux support for Soundgraph iMON USB IR/VFD modules used in Ahanix, Silverstone, Uneed, Accent and other cases.

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STATUS: Imon mouse events

Post by moosy » Sun May 14, 2006 8:40 am

SoundGraph IMON inside with an IMON PAD

I have my imon pad working with the normal lirc 0.8 (basic functions)

1.) The patch for the mouse events.

Is this patch still valid for 0.8 or is there an easier way to make the mouse events work?

2.) Anyone found a simple howto about this? IMON PAD mouse

3.) Where can I find a good/complete lircrc and lirc.conf for the IMON PAD


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Post by DataPath » Mon May 15, 2006 6:13 am

1) I haven't tested the patch against the 0.8 version. If you have any problems with the patch, let me know, and I'll update it.

2) To apply the patch, put the patch file in the same directory as lirc_imon.c from the lirc source, type "patch lirc_imon.c lirc_imon_plus_mouse.patch", then build lirc according to the packaged instructions in the lirc distribution.

3) Please share if you find one.

d) I'm working on a more flexible version of the driver with mouse/keyboard support that I'm happy with. There's a possibility it will not require any kernel drivers, either, and can run entirely in userspace

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Post by oliver » Thu Sep 07, 2006 6:52 pm

How are we doing on this subject?

I'm having some sensitivity issues with the cursor keys (in keyboard mode) which is why I'm asking. I tried the pad2keys patch that's floating around, but my initial idea of it wasn't to great.

What I was hopeing for, and maybe that allready exists, was in 'keyboard' mode have a the cursors move up/down/left/right when I press the button. I suppose repeat wouldn't be a problem. I notice in the transmit led on the iMon remote that sends a lot more pulses from the pad then from other keys.
When in 'mouse' mode I'd expect it indeed to behave like a mouse (via a /dev/input/mouse or something) with the pressure sensitivity.

Now this isn't a request post, but merly what I would want/think it would/should do and just wondering what the status is right now, since it's hard to get good information about the imon driver.



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