FAQ: About this website

How was this site created?

This website was developed the old-fashioned way using HTML-Kit, a free HTML editor. HTML-Kit is not really a graphical editor but provides shortcuts, syntax-highlighting, a preview mode, and an excellent help-system. It also has an integrated no-fuss FTP client so you can edit pages on your website as if they were on your local filesystem.

Can I use your design in my website?

Yes, you are free to use the stylesheets and incorporate the look & feel of this site in any non-commercial website. However please acknowledge the original work.

Is the banner image with the white grid your idea?

Not entirely. It was inspired by diveintomark.org. While both are based on CSS my design is entirely different.

Who is your hosting provider?

I switched to Lunarpages in June 2004 after being dissatisfied with my previous provider and careful research of several discount hosting providers. I shortlisted about five providers that offered the same set of services at approximately the same price. The decisive factor was the active participation of support staff on the support forums.

Comments or suggestions?

Your feedback is appreciated! Please use the feedback forum or e-mail.